VEVO checking is easy with the help of onboarding software

The Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) system allows visa holders, employers, education providers and other organisations to check visa conditions. Under the Fairwork Work Act, every employer should review (and monitor) the right to work for all staff if not Australian citizens. You do not want to overlook this compliance obligation if you are a business owner or someone working in HR management. The repercussions can be harmful to your reputation and attract penalties if not managed well.  

VEVO (Visa Entitlement and Verification Online) explained

VEVO is a free online service that gives holders of Australian visas, employers and other registered organisations easy and quick access to visa entitlements and status information 24 hours a day. The results of a VEVO check confirms the following:

  • current visa status
  • when the Visa runs out
  • any conditions on the Visa such as grant and expiry dates, and class and subclass

Onboarding software can help.

One of the advantages of onboarding software is that it avoids the hassle of payroll or HR managers chasing paperwork and eliminates the potential for error when re-entering the details on the system manually. Data integrity is essential to compliance and auditing. The employee works through the required forms such as tax declaration and superannuation forms and can also upload their personal and bank details. Onboarding software can be customised to require credentials, qualifications, tickets and licenses and safety induction. This information is captured electronically and populated in the respective employee master file, then pushed through to the recruitment software or applicant tracking system.

By automating this step in the onboarding process, employees can access and submit onboarding documents anywhere, any time and on any device—computer, tablet,  mobile.

No more data gaps

Online onboarding eliminates missing information. So there is no need to chase paperwork or incomplete forms. You can start employee onboarding before the employees start date. Visa holders can also print and forward their Australian visa details to anyone at any time, from anywhere, using VEVO.

This is one of the functionalities that HR tech software providers like Onboarded deliver with their online onboarding software tool. This feature is handy for larger companies onboarding in mass and has to check immigration status before new hires become employees. Automating these functions and validating documents by e-Signature enables a paperless onboarding process whilst freeing up your team to upskill and engage in tasks that add value to your business. All this can be performed from inside the Onboarded dashboard. Each candidate can be checked and screened easily.

Make onboarding software work for you

If you hire people from overseas, checking the validity of their working visa is a must and checking when due for renewal will avoid potential issues. With Onboarded, you can run VEVO reports to fulfil this obligation quickly and easily. This process can also be automated, helping you stay ahead of any potential visa renewal issues.

Suppose the new employee is a foreign worker. In that case, they have to provide details of their passport and visa documents to confirm their eligibility to work in the country and the validity of their visa. Instead of the source documentation changing hands between the new hire, HR agency, and VEVO system, candidates can directly upload their information. The HR manager receives the reports in real-time. The entire audit trail is transparent, and documents are synced to the employees online master file.

This is a crucial part of the application process; therefore, the software offered by Onboarded has worked very hard to ensure that this step in the onboarding process is as seamless as possible and provides an excellent user experience for the employee.

The Onboarded software gives you the ability to customised the message in your email before it goes out to the candidate. Documentation is needed in both instances – if you are validating an Australian citizen or not.

Here is how it works:

  • The recruiter or hiring manager sends an email to the candidate with one link to upload all relevant documents.
  • No requirement for the candidate to scan photos, hardcopy documents and certificates; they can use their device to simply take a picture and upload, saving as they go.

  1. Once these documents are submitted, the candidate has successfully onboarded themselves. These details are stored in the internal document management system for good governance and audit purposes. It then alerts the manager that the employee is ready to work.
  2. The onboarding dashboard allows you to keep track of everyone. You can easily see where each person is in the stages of the process; the system will follow them up until completion. Blockages in the submission process are very easy to resolve because the system will pinpoint where the information is delayed. This allows you to manage all the outstanding visa holders.

With Onboarded software makes VEVO checking is simple. This process is automated, helping you stay ahead of any potential visa renewal issues. Onboarded can automatically conduct a visa check through its VEVO integration.

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