Onboarded software has so many features with a fully customisable platform, the possibilities are endless.

User Experience

One Link URL

Everything required to upload and get candidates working quickly while ensuring compliance and simplicity.

Quick & Simple

One link, simple online digitised process which sends documents directly into the ATS so that the paperwork is returned in real time. The system does any follow up.

Complete paperwork anywhere

No matter if your remote working, on site or no where near a desktop computer, all documentation can be uploaded directly from a device anywhere, anytime.

No scanning, no problems

No more photocopies, scanning documents or having to collect up all the relevant paperwork. Use your device to take a photo and upload directly in minutes.

Business Experience

No more Data Entry

The data integrity is in tact, no more data entry as the information uploaded by candidates goes directly into the CRM or ATS system, we have the ultimate recruitment software features package.

One Link URL

All the requirements for multiple types of roles can be provided to your candidates on one simple URL. The system follows up and tracks progress.

Quick turnaround, completed in minutes

Don't wait days to get your candidates in the system and out working. You can ensure speed to market and a competitive offer over your competition by streamlining this time consuming process.

Get rid of manual spreadsheets

Do away with antiquated manual spreadsheets which are prone to human error and slow processing. Onboarded takes care of everything with integrated HR software features.

Ready for a Demo?

We are convinced that you will love our software we have developed a completely free lite version, so you can trial what’s on offer and how it fits in with your business.

Start saving time and money today.

The simple, digital platform which onboards candidates and employees in minutes with one link and sends the information to your CRM.