Imagine if you could onboard hundreds of people with one link, no paperwork, no follow up?

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What we do best

Cloud Based

Our platform is cloud based, mobile friendly and can be accessed from anywhere.

Candidates Access

Candidates can access the required forms and documents from one URL link from anywhere.

Full Automation

Our platform removes manual processing and replaces it with a fully automated, digital process.

Saves Time

No follow up, no chasing, no scanning all means both consultants and candidates save time.

CRM & ATS Input

No data entry, no human error and no issues with data integrity

Saves Money

Consultant can concentrate on placements, sourcing great candidates and winning more clients instead of follow up and data entry.

Get candidates out working quickly and easily with onboarding software.

Giving candidates the best user experience ensures that you have the best people to offer. With employee onboarding software the system takes care of the follow-up, reminders and as soon as the form is completed the information is sent directly to your ATS or Recruitment CRM.

People are what give you the edge, get them onboarded in minutes instead of days. 

Let consultants do what they do best.

Implementing Onboarded allow consultants to do what they do best, source great people, placements and finding new clients. The paperwork is handled by the software, fully automated and digitised. Including safety inductions, site requirements and all compliance documentation. 

Integrate and automate your process

Once completed all the documentation, details, forms and credentials are instantly transferred directly into your ATS or Recruitment CRM. No data entry, no issues with data integrity and fully automated and integrated. Your processes are compliant, efficient and meet best practice recruitment. 

Our Integration Partners

Technology Platforms that we integrate with

Customised to your requirements

Each company has varied requirements when onboarding new candidates and employees. Our HR onboarding software solutions can customise every aspect of the process so that your candidates have the most user friendly, quick and efficient documentation process. 

Ready for a Demo?

We are convinced that you will love our onboarding software solution we have developed a completely free lite version, so you can trial what’s on offer and how it fits in with your business.

Start saving time and money today.

The simple, digital platform which onboards candidates and employees in minutes with one link and sends the information to your CRM. 

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