Onboarded software blends seamlessly with other robust technology platforms.

Referoo for automating Reference Checks

Referoo is a reference checking system and provides an automated reference check feature. Onboarded is fully integrated with Referoo and users can commence reference checking directly from onboarded platform through a single interface.  

National Crime Check for automating Vevo and Police Checks

Onboarded is fully integrated with National Crime check to provide fully integrated Vevo and police checks. Copies of all checks conducted through the onboarded platform are automatically saved in your ATS date stamped as required providing you full automation for these checks.

Calendy for automating scheduling interviews and merging your calendar

Onboarded is integrated with Calandy to automate the interview booking process with applicants. Scheduling interviews with applicants is fully automated with a click of a button ensuring your users are spending time on more value-added tasks.

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