How to transform your onboarding process and why you should

When was the last time you heard someone ask for more forms to fill out? Probably never, right? Onboarding forms and formalities are just about everyone’s least favourite part of a new hire or job, but they are unavoidable.

The good news is that you can deliver a fast, compliant and easy onboarding experience without the admin headache. Here’s how — and why you should.

Put your best foot forward to be the perfect agency

Recruiters need to put their best foot forward to attract the best clients and talent in a candidate-short market. According to The Undercover Recruiter, there are some key traits your clients are looking for, and a seamless onboarding experience can help you deliver: 

Clients are looking for a recruitment agency that’s always trying to get better

Hear! Hear! Continuous improvement is critical for any business, and looking for tech to streamline your hiring process is the best way to deliver. Onboarding is a significant piece of the puzzle. Done wrong, it can be your biggest bottleneck, but get it right, and it could be your greatest source of competitive advantage.

Clients want an agency that follows the process that was promised

Most agencies promise fast, quality hiring, but if your onboarding process is still paper-based, chances are you aren’t delivering. An efficient, digital onboarding experience gets candidates onsite and ready to work faster.

Attract the best talent and win more business

A fast, efficient and digital onboarding plays a vital role in attracting talent and winning more business because:

  1. It speeds up your internal processes, saving you time and labour costs while delivering more for your stakeholders.
  2. It delivers a winning candidate experience, keeping them engaged with a seamless experience, not more paperwork and scanning. This is a critical piece of the puzzle, with 4 out of 5 candidates believing that their experience as a candidate reflects how your organisation values its people.
  3. It delivers for your clients as new hires can hit the ground running on day one, with no delays or admin errors slowing things down.
  4. It keeps people in jobs longer. In fact, according to technology hub, G2, 69% of employees are more likely to stay with an employer if they experience great onboarding.
Reduce manual labour, increase client and candidate satisfaction

In today’s fast-paced world where everything is on-demand, your onboarding process should be no different. Onboarded can help you build, customise, implement and deliver an online process that is fast, efficient and compliant.

From basic payroll information and qualification/background checks to WHS induction videos and industry-specific requirements, such as medical clearances, we’ve got you covered.

Our clients save time, money and labour costs while delivering more for their customers. They’ll get qualified, vetted people on the job sooner, and you’ll get more time to focus on what you do best: matching candidates with client vacancies. In fact, 85% of candidates complete the process in the first 24 hours when using Onboarded.

You’ll also enjoy integration with a range of existing recruitment and HR technologies, including JobAdder, Bullhorn and Fastrack 360, making it easy to track, manage and report on onboarding progress.

In addition, you’ll delight your candidates too with a fast, easy and entirely online process. With Onboarded, your candidates don’t even need to remember login details — it’s all done via a single unique, secure URL. No usernames or passwords involved. In fact, it’s so simple that our clients see a significant reduction in turnaround time and high candidate satisfaction rates — a true win/win.

Keep things moving with mobile technology

A paper-based or clunky online system can say a lot about your brand to your clients and candidates — and none of it good! You need a solution that is available to candidates wherever they are. And with 3.32 billion people accessing the internet via their mobile phones, mobile is where it’s at!

With Onboarded, your candidates can complete the end-to-end process from their smartphone. No need for scanners or printers. All documents can be uploaded using just a mobile phone camera. In fact, 70% of our candidates complete the entire process from their mobile.

A great solution for every industry, mobile capability is a must-have in blue-collar sectors, where your candidate isn’t behind a computer all day. You can reach candidates onsite, in even the most remote areas. All they need is mobile data.

How to tick all the boxes for your clients and candidates

Get in touch with Onboarded to discover how easy it is to transform your onboarding process with a fast, efficient and digital platform.

Whether you are onboarding 10 or 10,000, our seamless solution takes your team away from time-intensive tasks to focus on what matters: delivering quality candidates for your clients.

Want to see it in action for yourself? Book your demo here.

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